Monday, April 26, 2010

Ada Jawatan kosong Kat Aku...meh Apply

Sebelum korang terjah aku.. meh nk kasi tau.. iklan ni aku tlg en. hubby ye... dia minta aku tlg iklan jgn tanya apa2 kat aku.. aku tak tau mende pun

so nak apply baca tulisan Merah kat bwh.. jgn malas2 k..

Maritime Education & Training Academy

Urgent Vacancy in Seri Manjung

1. First Aid Trainer - Part Time or Full Time (Salary nego)

Job Function

  • To teach a classroom of 20 students on basic first aid. students of every state of life, age and races.
  • To assist in course note and classroom readiness.
  • To conduct practical examination on students.


  • Holder of an Advance Basic First Aid or equivalent from any approved medical institution in Malaysia, holder of a trainer certificate and with training experiences.

2. Secretary cum PA (RM 2,500 to RM 3,500)

  • Minimum experiences 5 years, some experience in banking, tax, dues, logistic, SSM rules and regulation. Excellent in english and GOOD in letter writing.

3. Accountant / finance executive (RM 2,500 to Rm 3,500)

  • More than 3 years experience in related field
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma/certificate in Accounting or Finance / part professional qualification from accounting bodies.
  • Required skill(s): Microsoft words, Microsoft Excel, UBS etc...
  • Applicants must able to work independently or in a team.

4. HR executives (RM 2,500)

Degree in related discipline, experienced 3 years in related field.

5. Event / Tourism management executive (RM 1,600)

6. Data entry and document control (RM 1,200)

  • Degree in any dicipline,preferably with administrative experience

7. Cleaner / Tea Lady (RM 800)

Please sent your CV or resume by email to : or call for appointment @ 016-6166626

Wholly Owned By

Niche Masterpiece Sdn. Bhd.

N0. 99 Persiaran PM 2/5, Seri Manjung Business Centre Section 2, 32040 Seri Manjung, Perak.
Phone : 0568883953


edda(",) on April 26, 2010 at 3:14 AM said...

mcm berminat je nieh.. try apply la niehh.. heheh

Hot Mama on April 26, 2010 at 5:15 AM said...

edda: ye try apply..mmg diorang nk sgt pekerja tu